Aquarium Filtration – Why Is It So Important?

Aquarium fiiltration is vitally important to the health of your goldfish
Aquarium fiiltration is vitally important to the health of your goldfish

Aquarium goldfish care includes a process known as filtration.

Good filtration aids in attaining excellent water circulation as well as aeration.

What is filtration and why is it important?

Filtration is the general cleansing process of a contained body of water.

In nature, filtration is accomplished in several ways. For example, in a body of water the current will steadily carry unwanted materials downstream.

Moreover, large amounts of other life forms occupying the waters also help ensure lakes and rivers remain clean.

Unlike natural waters, an aquarium or pond is smaller in size and has no means to rid itself of unwanted materials and chemicals. Therefore, aquarium filtration is very important to goldfish care and should not be neglected. When maintaining the home of your goldfish the aim should be to keep the water free of toxins and clear. If you can’t observe your fish because of the poor condition of the water, then you can’t appreciate them.

In aquarium filtration there are basically two types of unwanted material found in a body of contained water.

  • There is material tiny enough to pass through pre-filters.
  • Secondly, there is unwanted material that has the ability to pass through any filter medium because it is soluble in water. These water soluble materials include such things as gases and numerous chemical compounds.

Therefore, aquarium filters are classed according to the function that they perform.

Aquarium Accessories Water Filer
Aqueon filter

Today on the market you will come across many very complex filter systems. However, when you boil down their complexity you will find that they all, in principle, do exactly the same thing.

One thing to keep in mind though – if an aquarium is stocked with a huge number of fish, a more powerful and complex system will be required than if you were only housing two goldfish for example.

The objective in accessing your requirement for good filtration is always to relate the filter system to the amount of unwanted materials and garbage that the system will have to cope with. The filter system employed will directly have an effect on the level of pollution found in a pond or aquarium.

Aquarium filtration is vitally important in aquarium care.