Goldfish Breeding: What You Need To Know

Raising the ‘baby fish’ through the larvae and fry stage to maturity can be a challenge for new fish keepers. However successfully breeding of goldfish and rearing of fish is well within the scope of average fish fanciers once the basics of goldfish reproduction and water requirements are understood.

#1 Goldfish breeding facts

  • All types of goldfish reach sexual maturity at the age of 1 year if given a proper diet and enough space to thrive. First time breeders should take advantage of reading the descriptions of the ideal specimen of your chosen variety. Each type has specific physical traits which if present exemplify that variety of fish.
  • Variety faults, such as split tails in fancy tailed varieties should be avoided. A general rule of thumb is buy the best potential breeding stock available.
  • Get the best spawning success rate by keeping more males than females. The usual ratio is 2 males for every female.
  • Novice breeders are advised to stick to the less extreme forms of fancy goldfish. All too often the exotic types can’t breed on their own and need to be bred artificially by &