Sick Goldfish – The Importance of Early Diagnosis!

A dirty tank can produce toxins that cause infections in goldfish
A dirty tank produces toxins that cause infections in goldfish

Understanding the signs and symptoms of a sick goldfish is important so you can start treatment as soon as possible. Although it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of the illness, depending on the symptoms, it’s possible that minor changes to the environment will make a world of difference for your fish.

Regularly monitoring goldfish is the best way to diagnose early signs of an illness.

It’s easy to notice changes in behavior and eating habits that are sure signs of a problem.

3 key factors for keeping goldfish healthy

  • Keeping the fish tank clean and the temperature regulated is one way to help prevent disease. It’s easier to prevent an illness than to actually treat it.
  • A dirty tank produces toxins that cause infections in goldfish. The sick goldfish may get black spots when the infection begins to heal.
  • Swim bladder problems cause a goldfish to float to the top of the tank. The problem is generally caused by overfeeding. It can be genetic, but diet is usually the culprit. It may be necessary to move the fish to a separate tank and reduce feeding to remedy the problem.

A fish staying at the bottom of the tank is a serious indication of a sick goldfish.

Hugging the bottom of the tank is a sign that the goldfish may be close to death. The reason could be a bacterial infection or parasites. Cleaning the water in the tank might help, but generally, when the goldfish are so sick they are gravitating to the bottom of the tank, it may be too late.

It’s recommended that you try adding a small amount of salt to the tank. This kills the parasites. Although there’s a chance that you may still not be able to save the goldfish.

Ich is another disease that causes sick goldfish. It’s noticeable to fish owners because of the white spots all over the goldfish. The white spots are parasites and can spread quite rapidly. Owners may also notice cloudy eyes and breathing issues in the goldfish. Malachite green treatment can help with this disease

The fish also tend to try to scratch on the side of the tank or on gravel. Ich is usually caused from stress due to poor water conditions and temperatures and must be treated with medication. The tank needs to be treated for over a week to ensure all the parasites are killed.

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