Buying An Aquarium

what size fish tank do I need
A 10 gal tank is sufficient for 1 goldfish

An important part of caring for goldfish is choosing an aquarium that provides the space needed to keep your goldfish healthy. After all, it’s their environment or home.

What size fish tank do I need?

Following is a guide for making your choice.

When buying an aquarium take into account the number of fish that you want to keep as this directly affects the size necessary.

To keep a goldfish healthy and happy, they need a clean environment with plenty of room to grow. To the surprise of many people, a 10 to 20 gallon goldfish tank is really only sufficient for one goldfish.

Rule of thumb: adding another 10 gallons per fish is ideal.

Goldfish can live for many years and reach their full potential if properly housed in a big enough tank.

It’s important to understand that small containers are suitable for a brief time only. Give your pet plenty of space to swim around.

  • The smaller the quantity of water used in the aquarium, the quicker it will evaporate.

Therefore, always use bigger receptacles to house healthy goldfish. Buy the biggest aquarium that you can afford.

Choosing the best aquarium shape

There are also differences in the patterns and forms available when choosing your aquarium. For example tall, hexagonal, round, square…you get the picture. These varied forms may be interesting, but by far rectangular aquarium is the most popular aquarium in use today. A rectangular shape is very practical. I like this shape because it gives a great frontal view.

Aquariums that are round can provide an irregular view of your goldfish and tanks that are tall also have an unsatisfactory surface exterior. Because of its capacity and proportions, the rectangular shape works well for the additional equipment you need: filters, pumps, decorations,etc. Good ventilation is provided with auxiliary or additional equipment and this makes the goldfish environment much more pleasant.

 If you decide to buy a cheap aquarium, keep in mind they are likely to be defaced when they’re cleaned and will turn yellow with time and use. In addition, they will curve or arch more easily. You’ll even have problems with the bigger ones if the materials used to make the aquarium are cheap.

As the proud owner make it as enjoyable as you can for your fish. It’s gratifying if a little extra time is taken to choose the best possible place for them to live.

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