A Simplified Approach To Keeping Your Goldfish Healthy

water change tutorial for fish tank
water quality is vital for healthy fish to thrive

Goldfish are susceptible to many diseases when they’re integrated with other fish. Some of these diseases can be infectious, others may not be. Keeping your goldfish healthy can be challenging, and even the most experienced have problems from time to time.

Being aware of changes in the behavior of goldfish and acting early to identify the cause is the key.

Regular aquarium water change

When caring for goldfish in a tank, maintaining a healthy environment for the fish is vitally important, regularly changing the water essential. See water change tutorial at base of this post for step by step guide .

Isolate sick goldfish

If you think your goldfish might be sick, you need to isolate it from the other fish as soon as possible. You can place the goldfish in a separate container and set it up as you would an aquarium with proper ventilation as well as aerator. Don’t put gravel or plants in the container. The container doesn’t have to be very large; it will depend on the size of your goldfish.

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Why is isolating your sick fish important?

  1. Avoids spreading the disease to other fish in your aquarium. Fish diseases can be infectious and you need to determine the cause of your fish becoming sick.
  2. Sick or frail goldfish will be attacked or ‘picked on’ by the other fish that are healthy. Goldfish have a reputation for not being very supportive of their kind.

Once you have determined the reason why you have a sick fish you’ll need to implement treatment such as changing what you are feeding them.

Be careful of food with medication in it. You won’t be helping the goldfish if you give it too much medicine, so feed and medicate it separately.

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Keeping your goldfish healthy – common problems

The good news is that when goldfish start off healthy they usually stay that way. However when they do get sick the cause may be one of these factors.

  1. overwhelmed by a bad water system
  2. a quick change in temperature
  3. a change in lighting

The problem can be caused by one or a combination of these issues. The bottom line is these conditions don’t agree with the fish and can be detrimental to their health.

Keeping your goldfish healthy depends on maintaining their aquarium in proper condition. This will avoid future problems.

Water Change Tutorial

The water change tutorial below is a very good demonstration of how to maintain your aquarium water.

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Regularly changing your aquarium water will ensure you’re on the right path to keeping your goldfish healthy.