How To Choose The Best Aquarium Stand

Choosing the perfect aquarium and stand really is worth the effort. It’s a stunning addition to your home.

There’s a wide variety of stands choose from but ultimately your choice will be determined by the size of your tank and preferred style for your home.

These are guidelines to consider
1. Weight
2. Aquarium Stand Design
Steel aquarium stand
Solid wood aquarium stand
3. Material
4. Decor
5. Size and shape

aquarium stand design
The best place to set up a tank is near a window, but not in front of it

1. Weight when filled with water

Water is heavy. Keep in mind water adds approximately 8lbs per gallon. Therefore, as a guide a 10 gal tank weighs approximately 80 lbs and a 20 gal approximately 160lbs. Then you have the weight of the tank itself and gravel on the bottom of the tank.

Depending on the size of your aquarium, you might have as much as 15 pounds of weight, or even more, for each gallon. This means that a weak stand will ultimately disappoint you and could be disastrous for your fish.

Buy a stand that gives firm support to your aquarium. They are usually designed to support heavy loads, but always make sure you check out the maximum weight.

It’s wise to choose a stand that can carry more weight than that of your aquarium so you don’t have to worry about accidents.

Most aquariums have a warranty, but read the disclaimer. The warranty will be null and void if you put the aquarium on any stand that’s not especially designed for that purpose.

Choosing the best aquarium and stand really is worth the effort. It’s a stunning addition to your home, (but then again we’re biased).

2. Stand Design

The market has 2 main types of aquarium stands, the open and closed stand.

Steel aquarium stand

This is an ‘open stand’ style and very simple. They’re designed with a rectangular frame that supports the aquarium. These stands are light-weight.

  • This option is recommended for an aquarium or tank that’s 40 gallons or less. Anything heavier should have a different stand.
29 gallon fish tank stand
Steel aquarium stand available in sizes to suit 10, 29 and 40 gallon tanks

Wood fish tank stand

Closed stands, or fish tank cabinets are usually made of very strong and heavy wood, which means that they can support the largest tank. They’re the best choice for large aquariums as they offer ultimate stability.

These are considered stronger and sturdier and can easily support acrylic aquariums. They often include storage and partitions for water filters and food for the fish.

A strong and sturdy stand like this one will support a 55 gallon tank.

  • remember to buy a product with a moisture resistant finish
  • top is strong enough support the weight of the glass + water
  • adequate space for storage underneath
best aquarium stand for 55 gallon fish tank
good option for 55 gallon fish tank stand

‘Best choice  for a 55 gallon fish tank set up

3. Material

The choice of material for your stand depends on your taste and preference.

First consideration should be to choose a strong material that can support the weight of your aquarium, either metal/steel or wood.

You can then choose a finishing style, to fit in with your decor. Some people prefer one material like wood or steel, while others like a combination. A metal finish is often preferred because of its modern look and it’s easy to clean. Steel is also rust coated, unlike wood which will swell if it absorbs water and isn’t properly coated for protection.

solid wood aquarium stand
moisture resistant coated top base and door

4. Your Decor

Consider details such as the types and varieties of aquariums available, the different types of stands and how they’d fit in with the décor in the room where the aquarium will be placed.

Putting an aquarium on any furniture in the house that’s not specifically manufactured for the aquarium itself is not recommended. Not only could your furniture be damaged but you probably won’t get the desired beautiful effect for your room.

decorative tank stand in steel
Steel aquarium stand in sizes to suit tanks from 10 to 55 gallons

5. Size, shape and design

Generally all aquariums are made from 2 types of materials, that is acrylic and glass. If you have, or are planning to buy an acrylic aquarium then you should make sure that the stand you choose has the capacity to support and withstand the entire width and the length of the aquarium.

If you’re planning to buy a stand for an aquarium made of glass then you need to make sure the stand can support the corners of the aquarium.

A glass aquarium is heavy. Naturally if you choose the wrong stand it won’t be able to support the weight and can send the aquarium crashing to the floor.

An aquarium and attractive tank stand with colorful fish adds something special to any area of your home. It can make any room in the home look fresh. Many people think water kept in the house, in any form, brings good luck and good health to the people living in the house.

*Once you’ve got your tank and stand, the next step is to check out aquarium filters and decide which type will suit your fish tank. We’ve put a summary together on this page.