How To Diagnose And Cure Flukes In Goldfish

What are flukes? These are tiny white parasites similar to worms Symptoms of flukes Look for these signs: clamped fins occur early isolation and redness of skin refusal to eat food rubbing against the surface split fins may signify a fluke infestation in the aquarium appearance of mucus on gills quick breathing bloated body blood streaked fins eyes bulging Untreated flukes can also result in bacterial gill infection and disable oxygen processing through the gills. Flukes transmit an awful bacteria … Read more

Dropsy – How To Diagnose And Cure Goldfish Of This Disease

Goldfish owners worldwide are challenged with “dropsy” disease. Although it’s a very common disease, there is little information about its cause. Some attribute the condition to bad water temperature regulation while others simply blame diet as the culprit. Fish become susceptible when their immune system has been compromised, generally by a stress factor. Maintaining a healthy tank is optimal in avoiding this sickness as healthy fish rarely develop this disease. Diagnosis of Dropsy If your goldfish has swelling in any … Read more

Goldfish Illness: What Are The Main Culprits?

poor sick goldfish

Goldfish illness is very common and sometimes fatal. However, if the symptoms are detected early and correct treatment given, the goldfish can make a complete recovery. Diagnosis of the illness affecting your fish is an important part of overall goldfish care. Causes of fish illness can be bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic diseases, physical ailments, protozoan diseases. The most common maladies seen in home aquariums are either bacterial or parasitic in origin. Fungal is sometimes seen and occasionally physical ailments. 4 … Read more

Goldfish Diseases By Symptoms And Treatment

How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish

Goldfish are prone to diseases or infections, which can cause early death. One of the main reasons goldfish get sick is because of a dirty bowl, tank or aquarium. When their tank is dirty, filtration, water and oxygen levels become low. This leads to the temperature becoming either too warm or too cold. Breathing is made difficult for the fish. All fish fall sick and are afflicted by disease and problems occasionally. Many goldfish unnecessarily die because their owners do … Read more

Identifying Common Goldfish Diseases and How to Treat Them

How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish

The good news for goldfish owners is that there’s generally a very low prevalence of disease among goldfish – they’re pretty tough cookies! Goldfish diseases, when they do occur, tend to be mild and easily treatable. The risk of many diseases can be reduced significantly through good fish care, particularly through the quarantine of new fish before introducing to the tank to ensure that any diseases picked up at the pet shop or fish farm are treated before being transferred … Read more