Building A Backyard Pond? No Prior Experience Is Necessary!

goldfish garden pond

A  goldfish pond in your backyard is a wonderful addition to your home. You may have seen a design and decided that you would like to create your own backyard pond project. Building a backyard pond is not too difficult! It does require a little hard work and planning. Before starting your project there are a few things that you need to consider. Choose a location. Ensure that your goldfish pond gets enough sunlight. Shaded parts around the pond are … Read more

How To Build And Maintain A Koi Pond

Koi Pond Filtration And Design

Before you even think about getting your tools out, you need to think carefully about where you want your Koi Pond located. It definitely needs to be somewhere you can sit and watch your beautiful fish swimming about without a care in the world, all from your window. If your landscaping plans include planting trees, you need to ensure you don’t have tree roots interfering with your house plumbing or the base of the pond. What size koi pond should … Read more

10 Quick Tips On Setting Up Your Goldfish Pond!

How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish Pond

Goldfish are beautiful pets to keep because they brighten up every corner with their brilliant colors. If you’re looking to add more fun and beauty to your outdoor garden, consider setting up a goldfish pond. I know my nieces absolutely love watching the goldfish swim and enjoy the pond. I do too! People who already own a fish pond will tell you that finding the best pond for their goldfish was not easy. Goldfish can be found all over the … Read more