Aquashade Pond Dye – What Are The Advantages Of Using This Compound?

Aquashade weed control method

There are many uses for Aquashade pond dye. The main reason for its use is to eliminate unwanted aquatic weeds from water ponds. The dye prevents sunlight from penetrating to the bottom of the water pond where unwanted weeds are growing. This hampers the growth of the plants. How it works: The shade that the dye creates in the pond traps some parts of the light spectrum that are important for the process of photosynthesis (the process through which plants … Read more

Aquashade: Who Are You And What Do You Do?

Aquashade Products

Aquashade is a combination of blue, orange and yellow dyes used in contained ponds and aquariums. Aquashade is EPA registered as a safe addition to water for the purposes of slowing down or stopping underwater weed and to control algae growth. Why should I use Aquashade? The main purpose for using aquashade is to stop the sun rays from reaching the plants and the algae by blocking out vital ultra violet rays from them. How does Aquashade control algae growth? … Read more

Why Does Your Pond Require Aerated Water?

Water Aeration

There are an abundance of living organisms in the body of water you see in your pond. Your goldfish together with plants and algae all live and feed on the different types of organisms floating in the water. All life is vitally dependent on oxygen and oxygen is essential for a healthy pond environment. In an aerated pond, a compressor is used to provide oxygen through the process of diffused aeration. According to Wikipedia, ponds for keeping aquatic animals often rely … Read more

How To Choose The Best Pond Water Pump?

EcoPlus submersible pump

When you’re planning to build a pond one of the first things that you need to think about is the pond water pump. The decision will depend on the size of the pond, flow rate required and efficiency of the water pump. Tip 1: The minimum flow rate should be 1/2 of your pond volume. Sometimes even this is not enough. Tip 2: If you have a waterfall in your pond, you’ll need to increase the size of your pump. … Read more

Koi Pond Supplies Needed To Get Started With Your Project

Fish Pond

Koi ponds are truly a backyard delight. They enhance and beautify the look of your outdoor area. These are the pond supplies you’ll need to enjoy your Koi pond and your own special paradise. Filters Good filtration is necessary for the health of the Koi. If pollutants are able to get into the water supply they can make your Koi sick and cause death. Buying a quality filter will give the best long term results. The filter is what helps … Read more