How To Choose The Best Pond Liners?

pond liner

Choosing pond liners can be hard. It’s important to be armed with the right information to make the best decision. If you’re deciding whether to have a concrete floor or use a pond liner, more often than not it’s a safer option to go with a pond liner. They’re not nearly as expensive as having a concrete floor poured in the pond. As making a decision between a concrete floor and a pond liner will be based on several factors, the … Read more

Koi Pond Fountains And Who Has The Best Floating Aerating System?

Aerating Koi Pond Fountain

You think you have everything needed for the perfect pond – filters, air pumps, beautiful plants, pond supplies.  There is one more very important element.  A Koi Pond Fountain Koi Pond fountains – reasons they are needed Pond fountains can make the difference between a pond overrun with algae and mosquitoes or a beautiful pond that provides a healthy environment for fish and decorative water plants. Oxygenating the water with a fountain breaks down the decaying matter on which algae … Read more