Shubunkin Goldfish: Discover How Easy It Is To Have As A Pet!

Learn How To Take Care Of Your Shubunkin

When thinking about which fish to choose for your first pet goldfish, the Shubunkin is a good choice; particularly for children and those new to keeping fish. They have a beautiful, unusual coloration that you will love. A brief history The Shubunkin goldfish is one of the most sought-after breeds. It was developed in Japan inside the latter part of the 19th century; hence, the Japanese Shubunkin. There are different varieties of this breed, for example  American, London, and Bristol … Read more

Top 5 Types of Goldfish: Your Guide To Choosing A Pet Goldfish

Goldfish - Learn How To Take Care of Them

If you’re thinking of owning a goldfish for a pet you are in for a treat. There are so many varieties of this domesticated fish, all with their own unique physical characteristics. The aesthetic value of a goldfish is something to consider. Below is a summary of what the different types of goldfish look like. The top 5 types of goldfish Common Goldfish This is by far the most popular type of goldfish and there is no mistaking its look. … Read more

Fascinating Facts For Comet Goldfish Lovers


One of the most common breeds of aquarium fish is the Comet goldfish. This breed of goldfish can be distinguished from others because of its long, flowing and deeply forked tail. The comet goldfish is also slimmer and smaller when compared to the ordinary goldfish. Interesting facts The comet was one of the first sea creatures domesticated. This goldfish was actually named comet, because the unique quality of its tail resembling a comet flying through the sky. First seen in … Read more

Types of Goldfish – Which Are Pond Fish?

Healthy Goldfish

There are many types of goldfish so it can be difficult to choose which goldfish to take home. You may like the most colorful or prettiest but it can be helpful to research the different varieties to understand the major differences. If you are planning a pond if is important to know which varieties of goldfish make ideal pond fish. The different varieties of goldfish each come with their own characteristics and challenges. Understanding the challenges can make a big … Read more