Pond Plants – Why Are They Beneficial?

Aquatic Plants

There are several pond plants that are beneficial to the ecosystem. Plants and water have a noteworthy growth relationship between them as they depend on each other. Aquatic pond plants, also scientifically known as hydrophytes, have unique characteristics. They have a growth trait where they grow best when submerged in clean, fresh water.  Do not confuse clean water with easy living.  Why?  Because these plants live in a highly hostile and active environment. The living environment of aquatic plants consists … Read more

Java Fern – A Welcome Addition To Your Pond Or Aquarium!

Microsorum pteropus

The Java Fern, or Microsorum pteropus to give its proper scientific name, is often considered to be a collective term for a huge variety of plants. In truth, the java fern is one single species of aquatic plants. However, because of the sheer variety of shapes and sizes that are found in the leaves of the fern, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. This is a species of plant where each individual specimen can look completely different to all … Read more