What Is Wild Blue Green Algae? Are There Any Benefits?

Wild blue-green algae is a phyto-plankton and contains virtually every nutrient

Glowing wild blue green algae is a phyto-plankin which contains virtually every nutrient and is a plant that regenerates via photosynthesis – an amazing form of vegetation. Wild blue green algae is also know as Cyanobacteria. This particular algae usually comes from ponds, fish ponds, sea water, and even brackish drinking water. Glowing blue green algae in ponds can generate other forms of plant life. This particular phenomenon appears as eco-friendly foam, froth, or perhaps a pad over the surface. … Read more

Will Goldfish Survive Winter in an Above Ground Pool? – Considerations to Housing a Goldfish Outside

Many people add a backyard pond to their home to house goldfish. Others may choose to build an inground pool and decide the existing above ground pool in their backyard is perfect for their goldfish. Can the goldfish survive in an above ground pool during cold winter months? Goldfish come from a species of fish that live in cold water. Therefore, it is possible for goldfish to survive during the wintertime. Goldfish are also able to survive very cold winter … Read more