Is Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner A Fish Tank Necessity?

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Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner  – If you haven’t heard of it, take a moment to read this article as it might be the best thing you could do for your goldfish. When watching your pet fish swim in dashes through their tank or sucker down a fresh pile of food flakes, it’s easy to think of them as hearty. In spite of the way they can push each other about in a fight to see who can eat the … Read more

Nutrafin Betta Plus – Can It Increase The Longevity and Wellbeing Of Your Betta?

Nutrafin Betta Plus Review The manufacturer says it’s an easy to use water conditioner that makes tap water safe for your beautiful Bettas. On top of that it coats their scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. Let’s find out if all of this is necessary. The Betta (also known as The Siamese Fighting Fish) The Betta is a fresh water ray finned fish, which belongs to the Gourami family. In most cases these fish are extremely colorful. … Read more

Aqueon Water Conditioner: Why Using It Is A Great Idea!

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What is water conditioner? Water Conditioner helps you to maintain the healthiest environment for your aquatic pets. 4 reasons why it’s so important The conditioner instantly neutralizes choline and chloramines, typically found in tap water It makes tap water safe for fish in restoring their natural slime coat to skin and gills. This can be worn away from netting and transporting your fish. It helps reduce stress in fish as they become familiar with their new environment. Water Conditioner also … Read more

Is Nutrafin The Best Aquarium Accessories Provider?

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About the company Nutrafin is a reputable name in providing aquarium accessories and fish food. They provide convenient, reliable products in water treatment – aqua plus, cycle and waste control management of aquarium and maintain ideal conditions for the well being of aquatic life particularly goldfish. The advancement in scientific research has helped Nutrafin to develop high quality fish food, Nutrafin Max Tropical Flakes. The fish food is supplied with a chart which displays the recommended quantity of food ideal … Read more