Recommended Products

Aquarium Water Treatment Products

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

Takes the mess out of water changing

small aquarium kit

Aqueon 17755 10 set-up and care guide included

Air curtain bubble

Jardin aquarium rubber flexible air curtain diffuser tubing hose, 17-1/2inch, black

Aquarium Air Valve

-metal and plastic 4-way outlet air flow control lever pump valve for aquarium 5mm diameter tube

Gravel vacuum for aquariums

25 feet make water changes easy, eliminate the need for heavy, messy buckets

Aqueon Tap water conditioner

Instantly conditions tap water making it safe for fish and plants

Nutrafin cycle biological filter supplement

Fast-acting responsive ammonia and nitrite elimination

Nutrafin Betta Plus, 4 Ounces

Makes tap water safe for your bettas

Tetra AquaSafe PLUS water treatment

Help wounds heal and protects fish from abrasions by providing a slime coat

Water Conditioner

Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner Coats and protects scales and fins

Aquarium Filters

diatom filter

– 8 in. x 15 in. The filter has a 6 month warranty

fluidized bed filter

Flat side allows for a snug fit to any aquarium or reservoir tank

fish tank biochemical sponge filter,

4-1/2-Inch Easy to clean, simply rinse and squeeze

BioBalls (300 cnt) Filter Media-

(comes with free bacteria jump start)

Undergravel Filter

12x48inch Most preferred by saltwater aquarists

Add-A-Stone air pump

accessories, 10 x 2 in Provides a continuous tower of bubbles for aerating your aquarium

Waterfall filter

mount on the outside of fish tank

Spectrastone shallow creek pebble

for freshwater aquariums, Won’t affect the PH

aquarium rocks –

perfect for aquascaping and adding interest to your tank (good base for plants)

small polished stones

for decorating aquarium (safe for aquariums)

natural and light, safe.

create an interesting landscape with these rocks and grow aquatic plants on them

Aqua filter – excellent product comes with 2 year warranty

gives continuous biological filtration and superior water quality due to the aqua clear foam, activated carbon and biomax, cycle guard

Water Testing Kits

freshwater master water test kit

Kit includes laminated color card, 4 test tubes and holding tray

pond water test kit

master liquid 6 bottles so you can perform assorted water tests

Sumps & Pumps

Aqueon hang-on overflow box

Dual drain design in case one gets clogged

solar pump for fish ponds

water gardens; supplied with solar battery – charged from sunlight

CO2 valve

tough and reliable – keeps water flowing in single direction

permanent air compressor pump

for fish tanks, ponds, aaquarium aerator Pressure:0.10MPa

air pump

Tetra Whisper air pump budget priced air pump

Beckett small pond pump,

115 volt low maintenance pump

submersible pump

used for hydroponic systems, ponds,fresh, saltwater aquariums, fountains, filter systems

strong, energy efficient submersible pond pump,

handles solid matter efficiently, 2 yr limited warranty

Ideal for external pump koi ponds,

weatherproof motor, quiet operation, 3 yr warranty

Fish Food

flake fish food

Instant baby brine flake fish food for newly hatched fish

Nutrafin Max marine flakes

rich in spirulina providing digestive system support

spirulina enriched flakes

formulated so fish use more of what they eat

Repashy Soilent green gel fish food

Crude protein min. 45%, crude fat min. 8%, crude fibre max. 8%, Moisture max. 8%, Ash max. 12%.

Tetra Goldfish weekend food

for all goldfish A specially formulated diet to keep your coldwater fish healthy while you’re away from home

Nutrafin: total fish food ideal for goldfish and koi

vitamins for healthy growth and disease resistance (produces less waste and algae)

Hikari tropical Algae

Wafer formulated for hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders

Pond Koi fish food

100% complete balanced nutrition

Koi vibrance food

floating soft sticks are easy to digest

Koi growth food

high protein food for fast fish growth

Pond Sticks

Premium nutrition for all sizes of pond fish, goldfish, and koi

Fancy goldfish food

stress reduction and improved immunity to infectious disease

Sick Fish Treatments

use for parasites:

flukes, tapeworm, flatworm and turbellarians treatment for aquarium fish

Chlorophyll liquid

improves oxygen levels in fish that are suffering/have suffered from nitrate or nitrite poisoning

Aloe Vera supplement,

whole leaf, 32 fluid ounce Helps restore and promote regularity

API Liquid Super Ick Cure

Effective treatment for Ich, a highly contagious disease, also called white spot disease

API Aquarium Salt

Promotes healthy gill function and reduces stress and loss of electrolytes

Malachite Green

treatment and disease prevention for fresh and saltwater fish; parasite treatment

Prazi Koi pond treatment

for flukes and parasites in pond fish


for aquariums For disease conditions caused by flukes, tapeworm, flatworm and turbellarians

Effective treatment for a variety

Effective treatment for a variety of bacterial infections; use contents of 1 caps into 10 gals water

isolation tank or beginners kit

5 gallon glass aquarium – everything you need to set up isolation tank or beginners kit (available 5- 20 gallons)

Antibacterial treatment

for treating fin and tail rot, damaged fins, mouth fungus. Use in fresh and salt water

multi vitamin rich supplement

for treating fish, (good for constipation in fish)

Pond Liners

10 ft x 13 ft pond liner

Lightweight, ultra-durable, and easy to handle

Pre cut 15 x 15ft rubber pond liner

thick and flexible; plant and fish safe

7 ft x 10 ft pond skin pond liner

Textured surface promotes good microbial growth

Rubber pre cut pond liner, black, 20 ft length x 20 ft width

x 0.045 inch thick Easy maintenance and lasting

Pond Water Fountain