How The Aqueon 55 Can Help Your Goldfish Living Environment

Fish tank filter - Aqueon 55 provides 4 levels of filtration to produce healthy and clean water for fish to survive in.

Aqueon 55 provides 4 levels of filtration to produce healthy and clean water for fish to survive in.

Aquarium supplies product review : Fish Tank Filter – Aqueon 55 Quiet Flow Power Filter

Aqueon 55 is a quiet flow power filter with fish friendly technology for aquariums. The beginning aquarist can benefit from its easy to use automatic controls and adapters for the aquatic conditions inside the aquarium environment.

The benefits of this filter

  • It’s objective is to improve water quality to support a healthy environment for the pet fish. The tank filters enhance the clarity of the water and therefore the attractiveness of the aquarium.
  • There is no need for additional valves because the Aqueon 55 marine accessory increases the oxygen in the water by forming bubbles continuously and maintaining them.
  • This product creates much less noise compared to other motor-run filter systems – thus living up to its name the ‘quiet flow power filter’.

How does the Aqueon 55 work?

Dense floss installed in the Aqueon 55 removes debris, fish waste and any other unwanted particles from the water. It attracts those particles and once they come in contact with the filtration unit the waste is stored until it is eliminated by changing the floss.

It contains an area with activated carbon that purges bad odors, toxins and discoloration. Fish naturally produce toxic nitrates and ammonia from their life cycle and their waste is handled by a patented bio-holster inside this machine. A diffuser grid is also utilized remove other toxins and it also adds more oxygen for active fish. Water splashing is reduced dramatically and therefore the return of particles towards the floss is remarkably quiet.

The Aqueon 55 Quiet Flow Power Filter uses 4 levels of filtration to produce healthy and clean water for fish to survive in.

Here’s how

  1. it starts with a mechanical pull
  2. followed by chemical filtration
  3. next comes dilution
  4. during the final stage, all the harmful toxins are removed

Once the filtration process has finished, it’s followed by a biological stage. The next, most important step is adding in more fresh oxygen.

Finally, the Aqueon 55 produces beautifully clear aquarium water with the wet or dry step as per user’s convenience.

The Aqueon 55 fish tank filter features an internal design that automatically eradicates leaks, diminishes noises and involuntarily starts up once power is supplied.

There are so many reasons why this fish tank filter is a great accessory for your tank. Click here to buy this aquarium filter.

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